sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

Respect, all I want is respect

One day more ana Ana is still here. First at all I hated her, but now...I guess I like her. She is the one that understands me. Do you know why I'm starting to like her? It's because I'm alone, I have no one to talk now... Other girls told me to listen to Ana, she is a good friend, you can count on her...

I tried to find someone to help me, for real, but just 2, 3 people are helping me. Who I've talked to just did jokes and didn't respect me. I think if you can't help or listen you can even respect me for this. Talk about what is the right, what I was supposed to do, that I'm going to die doesn't help me!! Do you think I will get better if someone says I'll die? No!!

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